Boheme Opera NJ production of Aida. April, 2019

Joe and Sandy from Boheme Opera NJ first contacted me in 2012 to create animated backdrops for The Magic Flute. It was a fascinating challenge. Its by Mozart and happens in ancient Egypt so you get all those cool Egyptian bits I love so much! So I dove in. Also there’s a nice family connection. My dad’s parents actually met while they were pro opera singers and I’ve been aware of opera from an early age.
So it worked wonderfully and we keep doing it! Every year since I’ve done animated backdrops for their main yearly production. We’ve done Carmen, La Boheme, Faust and Aida (More Egyptian YAY!!!) just to name a few. We keep trying to vary the style and do something new with it every time. Here’s a few examples of the loops and a bunch of pics.

The Magic Flute was way back in 2012 and I was in the midst of trying to adapt to Blender from 3D Studio MAX and was also fairly new to video editing so I was still learning. I’m very proud of the result but check out the Aida backdrops too- they’re WAY better.