Haunted Cats – Death to Yarn

Here we go! Its CATS!!! And there will be more. I’ve decided to let me love of cats guide my pen. There will be lots more of these. I really hope you enjoy them! Oh- and if you’re wanting apparel or other stuff with this design just go here- https://j-matthew-root-stuff.printify.me/products


Tangled by J Matthew Root – Digital Image 2017

I kept forgetting to upload this. Hard to believe this was 6 years ago. Oh, how our world has changed. Drawn in pencil first then colored in Photoshop.

Storytime 1 – The Burning of Elm Terrace

Here we have another kinda doodle / video experiment / me reading the first chapter of my novel The Burning of Elm Terrace which I started long ago and am going to try and finish through these videos. It’ll take a while. Its a big story. And the video is kinda weird but I hope you like it. The sound effects in the background are from the sound experiments I’ve been doing for use in my animated series Surreal Orange.

Cyberpunk Dreads Doodle Video

And here’s another doodle for you- this time with me rambling a bit. Talking about my process for doodling and the future impact of AI art on artists. I really hope you enjoy!

Boheme Opera NJ Hansel & Gretel Demo Reel

I’m so glad that things have opened up and we can enjoy live performance again! Here’s the demo reel for the animated backdrops I did for Hansel & Gretel which was performed on Dec 4, 2022. Went a little more painterly on this one. Trying to carry on the tradition of wonderful painted illustrations to go with our favorite fairy tales. Its been ten years now working with Boheme Opera NJ and its always a joy.