Lucy’s Drum Kit

Oh- and there’s also a band that most of them are in. Did I forget to mention that?
Just finishing up some bits for a new music video coming up! Now Lucy has her drum kit! YAY!!!

Orange Piano with a lost doodle video

Orange Piano is written and performed by J Matthew Root. Available everywhere now in the album Piano Abstracts 1.

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The doodle is one I completely forgot about filming back in 2018. In the ‘before times’! Thats why I called it lost. It was! But now its found. I hope you like! ((Hugs!!))

D’Ryl Manifest

D’Ryl Manifest by J Matthew Root | Digital Image 2022

Just burning off a bit of negative energy. And also this might make an appearance in a dream sequence at some point as well. It needs sound effects. And yes- this would also count as D’Ryl #5.

And here’s the rest of the versions of him.

J Matthew Root – VLOG #001

Introductions and Updates. For anyone who doesn’t know me here’s the short version of my back story and then updates on new items in Second Life, Fantasy Faire 2022, my upcoming album release and my animated series Surreal Orange. Thanx so much!

Scarab in the Dark

Scarab in the Dark by J. Matthew Root Digital Image 2021

Dusting off some old renders and exploring long forgotten backups and I discovered some early dark renders of the scarab design I did and just had to give them a nice spacey treatment. I hope you like!

Old Man on the Mountain

Old Man on the Mountain by J. Matthew Root – Digital Image 2009

Another oldie! 🙂 Chill. This is my happy warm safe place. OOOOoooooooommmmm…. I don’t know why he’s bald. I’m not bald. What! I’m not! Just a lit– Anyway- it works. Wizard on his day off. Chill.
He looks a bit like Ralph Bakshi don’t he?

Mr. Toad

Mr. Toad by J. Matthew Root – Digital Image 2016

Is he kinda creepy? I mean- I guess it all depends on what his magic hand does. I’ll ask him the next time I see him- but he’s a rare one on the scene.

Out of the Gutter

My first little clip from way back in 2003 when I was teaching myself 3d Studio MAX.

At the Train Station

(I looked to my left.) Dream inspired. Like- right out of the dream.
I saw this.

At the Train Station (I looked to my left.) by J. Matthew Root – Digital Image 2013

Crystal Scarab

Crystal Scarab by J. Matthew Root – Digital Image 2013