My Favorite Songs Playlist

One thing I definitely miss about the MySpace days (remember them?) was sharing music and playlists. I’ve always thought that one of the best ways to get to know people is through their Favorites playlist. At least for people that are really into music anyway. So- in that spirit, if you’re curious, here’s my favorite 180 songs as of Jan 2023. 🙂

Orange Piano with a lost doodle video

Orange Piano is written and performed by J Matthew Root. Available everywhere now in the album Piano Abstracts 1.

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The doodle is one I completely forgot about filming back in 2018. In the ‘before times’! Thats why I called it lost. It was! But now its found. I hope you like! ((Hugs!!))

J Matthew Root – VLOG #002

A bit about Fantasy Faire then a LOT about my new single FUQIT and my new album Piano Abstracts 1. Lots of new music and visual treats!

J Matthew Root – VLOG #001

Introductions and Updates. For anyone who doesn’t know me here’s the short version of my back story and then updates on new items in Second Life, Fantasy Faire 2022, my upcoming album release and my animated series Surreal Orange. Thanx so much!

Deeper Album Update

J. Matthew Root – Deeper – 2022

Getting so much closer now to finishing the album. Literally my life’s work. Some of the melodies in here I started playing with when I was a kid tinkering with the piano. I’ll give you all much more detail when the full release happens early in 2022 but for now here’s a few excerpts for you to try out. I hope you like them!

J Matthew Root – Deeper – Traveler [Work in Progress Excerpt]

J Matthew Root – Deeper – Rust [Work in Progress Excerpt]

J Matthew Root – Deeper – Point of No Return [Work in Progress Excerpt]

J Matthew Root – Deeper – The Burning Ship [Work in Progress Excerpt]