J Matthew Root – VLOG #005

Its been a huge project. 245 Pieces. 267 Textures! And thats just the beginning! My new MODit Building System for Second Life creations tries to bring the magical feeling of building with LEGO bricks back into Second Life.

Download the manual for free below.
Full of info on the Sets as well as tons of tips and tricks for building in Second Life.

J Matthew Root – VLOG #002

A bit about Fantasy Faire then a LOT about my new single FUQIT and my new album Piano Abstracts 1. Lots of new music and visual treats!

J Matthew Root – VLOG #001

Introductions and Updates. For anyone who doesn’t know me here’s the short version of my back story and then updates on new items in Second Life, Fantasy Faire 2022, my upcoming album release and my animated series Surreal Orange. Thanx so much!

TLG Pretties!

Knick Knacks N Stuff Gacha set by J. Matthew Root as Marcus Inkpen

Brick-a-brack! Knick-knacks! Trinkets! Baubles! STUFF!!! Ohhh- how I love things!!! Especially fancy things with intricate frilly bits and stories to tell. And thus- I give unto you…

Fantasy Faire

The Shrine Tree at Fantasy Faire 2019
by J. Matthew Root as Marcus Inkpen with Sharni Azalee

Second Life’s biggest event of the year. Benefiting Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society. We’ve been involved with the event for 10 years now. Each year we not only sponsor our sim for the event but also design it completely just for the event. Its always an amazing show involving some of the most talented and imaginative designers in Second Life and we’re very proud to be a part of it. Here’s a taste of what we’ve done!