Deeper is the name I’ve chosen for my composing/music/sound experimentation. The logo/symbol thingy you see above the scarab there actually spells out Deeper if you look closely (Hint: The R is backwards). Its a one-man-band project that I do in the little free time I can find. I’ve been working on it for years now so I’m getting pretty close to having my first album finished. Still… pretty close… But anyway- being as the one man band thing is kinda as pretentious as you can get, I figured the “I’m too cool to have a normal name! I gotta make everything into a puzzle so it’ll be like clever.. n-stuff.” would be the right way to go. As you might guess- I’m a prog-rock fan.

This was me once. Look how young I am!!! Same guitar neck.

Music is a very big part of my life and so much more closely linked to art than most people realize. Its still all about being transported to another space or time or feeling. Its still all about emotion, and its just as subject to interpretation. But that’s something that makes me love it even more. My music and my art both take my mind on a little trip- and hopefully will do the same for you- but we won’t end up in the same place. But that’s a discussion for another day.

Me in 1988 or 89. That guitar is still my Baby- er- well- the neck anyway. 🙂

My influences have changed over the years. I was raised mainly on classical so the love for a full orchestra will always be a powerful one. In my rebellious teen-aged years I was much more into metal and classic rock with a strong emphasis on more psychedelic fare. Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Iron Maiden and all the early heavy metal and prog rock remain favorites sprinkled with an odd mix of Opeth, The Orb, Def Leppard, Riverside, Tom Waits, P-Funk, DJ Shadow, Cynic, Porcupine Tree, Karate and Coroner. And a ton more. You name it. BÖC Rules! I just love music I can get lost in. And more and more I want stuff with a groove! I’m getting funky in my old age- but I like it. 🙂

These are all works in progress and are far from finished pieces but they’ll give you a pretty good idea where I’m at. And I usually cut down songs as I go so they get a bit long while I’m working on them. Or at least thats how I think it’ll go. Someday I’ll finish a song! I Will!!! Soon!!! And it’ll be shorter than these meandering messes. But if you’re in the mood for mindless wandering they’re PERFECT!!!
Oh and shout outs to MST3k, George Carlin and Buckaroo Banzai who’s quotes I used at the beginning of Lost. I love you guys! Don’t sue me! 🙂

Traveller by Deeper – Work In Progress 2019
Lost by Deeper – Work In Progress 2019
Inside by Deeper – Work In Progress 2019