First and foremost I’m an artist- and I hope you’ll agree. Although most of my time will always be dedicated to Surreal Orange I do have a giant folder of unfinished art that I’d love to finish off. So this will be where those occasional bits find their way into the world, along with any doodles or artistic side projects and the like.

Here we go! Its CATS!!! And there will be more. I've decided to let me love of cats guide my
I kept forgetting to upload this. Hard to believe this was 6 years ago. Oh, how our world has changed.
Here we have another kinda doodle / video experiment / me reading the first chapter of my novel The Burning
And here's another doodle for you- this time with me rambling a bit. Talking about my process for doodling and
I'm so glad that things have opened up and we can enjoy live performance again! Here's the demo reel for
Pretty self explanatory. I do love free style doodling. I think I'm gonna do lots of these 🙂 Obviously it
Welcome to a little walk through tour of my sketchbook from 1996 to 2006 covering my time at art school
Oh- and there's also a band that most of them are in. Did I forget to mention that? Just finishing
Orange Piano is written and performed by J Matthew Root. Available everywhere now in the album Piano Abstracts 1. On
Just burning off a bit of negative energy. And also this might make an appearance in a dream sequence at
Introductions and Updates. For anyone who doesn't know me here's the short version of my back story and then updates
Dusting off some old renders and exploring long forgotten backups and I discovered some early dark renders of the scarab
Another oldie! 🙂 Chill. This is my happy warm safe place. OOOOoooooooommmmm.... I don't know why he's bald. I'm not
Is he kinda creepy? I mean- I guess it all depends on what his magic hand does. I'll ask him
My first little clip from way back in 2003 when I was teaching myself 3d Studio MAX.
(I looked to my left.) Dream inspired. Like- right out of the dream. I saw this.
A combination of dream inspired and mood piece. What does the watcher see?
There's a bit of me that's always up there. Watching. Wondering.
Kind of a visual poem about truth. I ran with it.
More and more I find myself shifting towards the surreal. It seems the limits of believability are not conducive to
Another visionary piece. As always with these, I've got as good an idea what it means as you do- but
As with most of my work this was an image that simply popped into my head, but this one is
It might very well be a trap, but if you enjoy the ride, does it matter? Good question. I prefer
Another image that just popped into my head and demanded being brought into the world.
I find that certain combinations of genre work perfectly- fantasy and post-apocalyptic is definitely one of them. But who knows-
Its a particularly hot wasteland. But in the fantasy world, does a huntress really need a reason to go hunting
My alter ego- or at least one of them. He's an angry fellow and doesn't speak much. When his lower
And yes- We can't leave out the faeries!!! Dawn comes and the faeries get tired. Same thing happens to me.
Need I say more? They're cute and deadly! Whats not to love?
This image came to me in a dream after playing way too much MYST. But I'm not complaining at all.
Wandering through the aftermath... This basically started off as an excuse to paint that skull. I picked it up in
This is where it all started for me. When I went to college my goal was to become a fantasy