J Matthew Root – VLOG #003

Here we are with vlog number three! I’m trying to do these in smaller chunks now so I can get them out to you sooner so the MODit system release and Piano Abstracts will be in separate vlogs coming soon!

This is the Surreal Orange story.

Of course its not the whole story. Its spoiler free and really just a quick introduction to the concepts, structure and feel of the show, but it should give you a good idea of what I’m thinking. Light-hearted and more of a comedy but with some darker stuff mixed in. Its got adventure elements but it’ll be all over the place. I’ll be exploring not only with the characters and story but also with the treatments and style of the show and I’m sure it’ll get very expressionistic, no doubt.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Surreal Orange Launch

Watch to the end for the first teaser for Surreal Orange! And Pass it on!!!

Casting Lucy

Definitely the most important character in the show. Lucy is the bridge. The eyes through which we discover this new crazy world. Many writers might look at this simply as an easy way to make exposition work in a story context. And it definitely is that, but I intend to employ a system to randomly generate some of the situations and plots that our characters will endure and that affords us far more interesting opportunities. Its really important to me that all the voice actors I work with are able to really own their characters. Almost to the point of role playing. I want them to bring what I can’t even anticipate. If they feel the character, as they see them, would behave differently than I have written I would much rather change the script. In fact I’d rather change all the scripts than miss out on their intuition. Those flashes don’t come often. Pay attention. Sure it might not be a suggestion that works. Productions have limits after all. Or it might be a crap idea. I have them all the time. But its vitally important that the woman I find to be Lucy really can be the character and speak with her defiant but kind voice. Lucy isn’t stubborn as such but can be rough if she cares. She might be a little quick to speak and occasionally puts her foot in her mouth. She doesn’t have a problem admitting when she’s wrong but she pretends to care less than she does. Mostly pretty normal for a rebellious twenty-something punk. Rocky childhood but not devoid of good mentors. I need to keep things vague for now because I want whoever is crazy enough to do this with me to really be able to steer the character. But that’s where I think she is.

Just to be clear, for now at least, I’m still writing the story. Not looking for a writing partner but I do understand the importance of natural delivery and genuine response. If I’m going to throw unexpected stuff at the actor to try and capture that moment of true reaction they need to completely embody that character and keep it. That will take a level of commitment to the character and the series. Its got to be the right person. This will be the hardest part in the beginning. I need to find my Lucy. And yeah- I know its dangerous to just do an open call. I’m not asking for contacts just yet- but there will be auditions soon and if you’re at all interested please check back. I’ll be posting info for how we’ll be doing that soon. And thanx! If you know someone who might be interested please pass it on.