Rodney Falco

Meet Rodney Falco, the Forest Pool Hall’s resident beat poet / master of ceremonies / performance artist. He’s very changeable and more than a little moody but his fashion sense is impeccable!

J Matthew Root – VLOG #003

Here we are with vlog number three! I’m trying to do these in smaller chunks now so I can get them out to you sooner so the MODit system release and Piano Abstracts will be in separate vlogs coming soon!

This is the Surreal Orange story.

Of course its not the whole story. Its spoiler free and really just a quick introduction to the concepts, structure and feel of the show, but it should give you a good idea of what I’m thinking. Light-hearted and more of a comedy but with some darker stuff mixed in. Its got adventure elements but it’ll be all over the place. I’ll be exploring not only with the characters and story but also with the treatments and style of the show and I’m sure it’ll get very expressionistic, no doubt.

Let me know what you think! Thanks!

Floyd’s Guitar

I’ve been playing guitar since I was 17 so of course Floyd had to have an awesome guitar with some crazy sci-fi tech on it. I went a little steampunk with this one but I’ve always dug that style. For me the guitar is my sanctuary. One of my earliest pieces while I was learning 3D modeling was a close up of a Strat bridge which I titled “The Alter”. So that should let you know how I feel there. I’m pretty sure Floyd feels the same.

I imagine the “Integrated Triple Mod Field” thing has to do with the three heavy strings that look like a harp guitar kinda thing but in actuality they are field generators. Kinda like the antenna on a Theremin. They generate a sympathetic field that you can manipulate with your hands just by moving them around and near the three generator strings changing the sounds in wild ways! Its gonna be fascinating to try and create that effect. I might end up having to get a Theremin. We shall see!