It seems we’re moving into a new world when it comes to how entertainment is going to work. I’m completely embracing the Patreon model. And in my case it makes perfect sense.

I will never charge money to watch Surreal Orange.
There will always be a free version of my vlog.
I believe that money is dirty and payment taints things.
Only freely given gifts can truly be special.

That said I don’t make the rules here and I still have bills to pay so I’ve decided to do the Patreon thing. Membership will get you access to the full uncut version of my vlog a full day early as well as bonus behind the scenes videos and exclusive content and its only going to cost you a buck a month to be a member and 5 a month for the extra bonus content, exclusive merch and more! Thank you very much if you want to give more. I’ve got huge plans for growing this show and its going to take some cash to make that happen so a couple bucks would help a ton if you can afford it. If you can’t afford it don’t feel bad at all! Its totally cool and I want you to enjoy the show as much as everyone else!