This project is quite literally my life’s work. Everything I’ve done was just training for this. Its completely my story, characters, art, music- all of it. I’ll be creating it all from concept to completion, but I won’t be alone. Its not so much a pride thing- its actually more that no one makes the show I want to watch. So its up to me. Plus I believe in the healing power of art and music and I hope that the show might be a welcome change from all the negativity out there these days. Not that it’ll be preachy mind you. Its gonna be very much a sexy, fun adventure involving tons of art, reality altering magic, rock-n-roll, great exotic food, quirky characters and pool. And, yes, there will be some drama from time to time but mostly it’ll be positive. But definitely an adult show (if you care about that kinda thing.)

So I’ve steered the course of all my projects into just one ongoing animated series that will be entirely my own art, music, characters, story, animation, editing and design as well as about half of the voices. However I will be working with other animators in the interest of time and do plan on eventually expanding to include guest artists and musicians as well as guest voice talent.
I can’t do it all myself and I wouldn’t want to.

In keeping with my own philosophy, the show will always be free for anyone to watch. I’m planning on supporting the show through donations and possibly toy sales if there’s enough interest. More on that later. And yes- the toys I want for myself I will admit- but you can have them too if you like!

In case you don’t know me- Hi! I’m J. Matthew Root. Matt is fine. I’m an artist/composer/actor/writer/filmmaker… annnd that’s too much– I’m a wizard. That’ll do. I’m good with that.
The problem with having so many interests is, of course, time. In the past working full time I never had a real chance to work on anything long enough to really finish. But one day it hit me. The key!!! Its not a ton of different interests said I! Its one!!! Ta-DA!!! Problem solved!

And thus Surreal Orange was born.
Of course its a bit more complex than that but you get the gist.

It’ll be fun and chill. A nice relaxing escape with treats for your eyes and ears as well as twists and turns that will give your mind something to chew on. 420 friendly and psychedelic through and through. It might be animated but its definitely not for the kids and would probably be rated a hard R if I cared about rating systems. There will be naughty words, drug use, sexual themes, occasional nudity and disturbing imagery but that won’t at all be what the show’s about and there will be very little violence. It might not be for everyone, but I’m cool with that.

It will be an ongoing show with subplots evolving over time as they should but hopefully the shows will work well even if seen out of order. I mean- I can dig non-linear storytelling so some of it won’t make sense at first- and some of that probably will never make sense, but its gonna be an adventure story for the most part so don’t worry. You’ll get it. Even if you don’t. Just like life- “Getting it” isn’t necessarily the point.

At the moment I’m planning on 22-25 minute episodes coming out as fast as I can make them which will be about once a month at first and should speed up as time goes on.
The show itself will always be free for anyone to watch. Hosted on YouTube at first but not exclusively.
I’ll also be documenting the whole adventure on my side as I create all this and my Patreons will gain access to all my behind the scenes content as well as getting to see the shows before they premiere publicly and getting access to lots of fun goodies. There will definitely be much more behind the scenes content than episodes. I’ll be sharing the programs I work with, the artistic and musical experimentations that will go into the show and of course all the other people that will be working on the show with me: voice actors, musical and artistic special guests and the filmmakers and animators that will help me create this world. I can’t do it all by myself!
Its going to be an amazing adventure. Together with your help we can explore concepts and worlds never imagined before- and go there- meet the natives, hear their stories, drink their wine and dance their dance!