The show happens, mostly, in a very strange place called Thorn. The Infinite City. And they’re not kidding. Infinite. In every direction including up and down. It goes on forever. An infinite jungle of twisted buildings, forgotten dreams and wild untamed Thought. No one knows its age. The city forever rebuilds and repairs itself. Its artists constantly redesign everything. Its a living thing. Some theorize that its a plane of existence trapped between thought and reality. Where neither physics nor fantasy claim the crown. A universe unto itself where technology has made god-like power trivial. Where death, disease and famine are unheard of and wars are fought with music and art. One man spent a thousand years perfecting his chili. AND IT WAS AWESOME!!!

Early on I was thinking of doing this as a comic book and the style won’t be far off from that- but animated is better!

We’ll start off following the adventures of Lucy (The punk rock girl with the red Mohawk. The only character from our Earth) as she discovers the strange new reality she’s in and learns how incredibly different her life could be- if she could ever get back home.
How Lucy got there from Earth she has no idea but just maybe with the help of Floyd, Tish and their friends they can figure it out- but no rush. Relax!!!
But does she want to go home? Good question! I love fish out of water stories but they always make me think- “Yeah, but what if they liked it better there?”

A very early idea I worked on back when I was learning 3D stuff in 2003 or 4. Always wanted to use it in something- now I can!

This show is very much about exploring possibilities and embracing life instead of pushing it away. Art and music will be a huge part of it- as well as cooking and pool!
The other characters she meets are Seekers and Traders. They travel into the wild patches of untamed Thought in search of adventure, art, music, lore, a nice pool hall or even a great recipe. Really- you can find anything there.