The Looking Glass

Ok. Need to back up a bit here. Second Life is a giant online world where people can create and be social and well, thats about it- but thats enough! Its a gaming type environment but not actually a game. I was attracted to it because it allows you to create basically anything you want.

Way back in 2009 I chose the avatar name Marcus Inkpen and started building in Second Life for fun. At first it was very limiting but its expanded and grown and today should really be considered an artistic medium in its own right. Imagine building a theater or museum with Legos and then getting to walk around in it- and share that experience with others. The Legos are virtual surfaces in a digital world but there’s no limit on what you could create and its a ton of fun.

After not too long I was getting requests that people wanted to buy my creations. I actually didn’t want to sell them for fear that it becoming a business would kill the fun- so I made myself a promise- I would never create anything if I didn’t want it myself. That probably sounds a bit selfish but it insures that I always love what I’m making and that is a large part of my success in Second Life. You can’t expect anyone to love your work if you don’t.

Sharni Azalee and I joined our efforts to create our brand “The Looking Glass” in 2011 and since then we’ve experienced quite an adventure creating magical virtual toys, buildings and landscaping, participating in fundraising events and hosting musicians and artists on our sim, Horizon Dream.

TLG Pretties!
Knick Knacks N Stuff Gacha set by J. Matthew Root as Marcus Inkpen Brick-a-brack! Knick-knacks! Trinkets! Baubles! STUFF!!! Ohhh- how
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Fantasy Faire
The Shrine Tree at Fantasy Faire 2019 by J. Matthew Root as Marcus Inkpen with Sharni Azalee Second Life’s biggest
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TLG Buildings!
If I wasn’t an artist then I would have either been an auto mechanic or an architect and that would
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